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New Notice For Canada Customer

Dear Canada Customer,

We just got an urgent notice from Canada Post,they have stopped delivery service due to the strike of Canada post labor union.

If we have sent your order, the delivery time of your parcel will be delay, we will extend the buyer protection time for you, please don't worry.

If we havn't sent your order, there are 2 ways for your reference:

1.If you can wait, please extend the stocking time by 60 days for us, after the strike over, we will send to you as soon as possible.

2.If you cannot wait, please cancel this order and choose the "other" reason as the cancel reason.

If you are going to make an order in our store, please make sure that you would like to wait and extend stocking time for us, or please make the order after the strike over.

Sorry for bringing inconvenience for you.

New Notice For Brazil customer

Dear Brazil customers,

We get news from Aliexpress: From 27th Aug. Brazil Customs will charge tax from every overseas parcel by post office. It’s about 15BR When a parcel declare price is less than 50$. If it’s over 50$, they will make a separate declaration,and charge BRR 15 customs fee. Hope you can pay corresponding tax when the parcel arrive, as it’s the duty of every citizen.if you reject and the parcel return to us,the Aliexpress will refund you part of the money(not include shipping fee) when we get the returned parcel.

If you do not want your order,you can cancel it before we send out and choose“other”reason. By the way, I suggest that you buy all the things you need in a period of time and we send your items in one parcel within 2kg or by Express over 2kg.so that the tax on each product will be reduced.

Sorry for bringing inconvenience to you


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